Pseudo Bear Grylls – Orphan Black Series Wrap-Up

This week the gang says a heartfelt goodbye to the sestras. Thank you to everyone who joined us as we took a journey through Orphan Black! Your support was amazing and your finale questions were perfect. We hope you will join us next week as we kick off our next show, Firefly! Thanks for listening, as always.

OB S05E09 – Skype-ception – One Fettered Slave

Howdy, listeners! It’s the penultimate episode of season 5 (we think) and the penultimate episode of the whole show (most likely). We don’t know how, or why, but Ms. S never made it past the opening credits. Luckily, Sarah has broken Helena out of The Dyad and if anyone can dispense revenge/justice it is her. Thanks for listening!

OB S05E07 – Freaky Clone Friday’d – Gag or Throttle

It’s season 5 episode 7 and Alison is finally back in our lives! She even has some new ink and a new outlook on her “shadow self”. Meanwhile, Sarah and Cosima are still tracking down some dirt on PT and his island of horror. Kira has been kidnapped again so we definitely need any help we can get! Thanks for listening.

OB S05E06 – Hair Poison? – Manacled Slim Wrists

Welcome to season 5 episode 6 of Orphan Black! Alison is still out on vacation, singing classic vacation tunes. Cosima, with a little help from everyone’s favorite ghost/rebel, escapes from a basement prison. Meanwhile, Sarah and Art are getting “help” from our very own ethical cosmetics enthusiast Crystal.

OB S05E05 – Museum Crimes – Ease for Idle Millionaires

It’s season 5 episode 5 and Cosima is the star of the show! PT and his cabal of eugenics-obsessed scientists are holding council on the spooky island. Cosima talks her way into the dinner party but the situation isn’t quite as it appears. Can she make it out with her life? Has she bitten off more than she can chew? Thanks for listening!

OB S05E03 – Is Mud a Ghost? – Beneath Her Heart

Welcome to season 5 episode 3 of Orphan Black! It’s a much-needed and long-awaited Alison episode this week and we even get some juicy flashbacks. Alison has a lot of skeletons in her closet. That is partly a metaphor but mostly just a cold hard fact. For better or for worse, Alison is steadying herself and setting her sights on action, ready to bring her family back into the fold. Thanks for listening!

OB S05E02- Gleep Glorp – Clutch of Greed

Season 5 episode 2 is here! Sarah is scrambling to keep Kira out of Rachel’s grasp but the walls are closing in. All of the sistras are being trapped or manipulated in one way or another, except for maybe Helaina? We don’t quite know where she and Donnie are at the moment. On the bright side, Cosima has a cure in her body and is rubbing shoulders with the tip-top of the Neolution pecking order. Thanks for listening!