ASMR+PCRC – Firefly S01E05 – Shindig

Howdy listeners! I wish we could give you a vague overview of the main plot for this week’s episode. Unfortunately, though, none of us were there. Mal got cut by a sword and Kaylee got a sweet pink dress. Something about a duel? Anyway, the rest of us had a pretty uneventful time on the ship playing “cards” for chore coupons. Thanks for listening!

Grab That Booty! – Firefly S01E03 – The Train Job

This week on Firefly Mal and the crew do one of those classic “train jobs” you hear so much about. I wish I could tell you some fun specifics, but we watch the show in kind of a weird way. All we know is that the moral grey of the job got a little too real and the crew is about to make some powerful enemies. More than we already have. Thanks for listening!

Ear Necklaces are Your Forte – Firefly S01E02 – Serenity Part 2

Hello and welcome to episode 2 of Firefly! Larry the Lawman is being a real jerk and gets tossed. Jane pushes the boundaries of him and Mal’s work/friend relationship, Book has a crisis of faith, and River wakes up in a strange metal box. Luckily, we have a great pilot who can fly this ship under duress, because we are definitely under duress. Thanks for listening!