Oh-carina or Ah-carina – Firefly S01E09 – Out of Gas

Hello, lovely listeners! This week, Mal and crew are up shit creek due to some mechanical failures (don’t blame Kaylee). In fiction we are trying to survive and doing an… OK job. In reality, this is one of them “flashback episodes” where we get vignettes about how Mal met his original crew.Thanks for listening!

ASMR+PCRC – Firefly S01E05 – Shindig

Howdy listeners! I wish we could give you a vague overview of the main plot for this week’s episode. Unfortunately, though, none of us were there. Mal got cut by a sword and Kaylee got a sweet pink dress. Something about a duel? Anyway, the rest of us had a pretty uneventful time on the ship playing “cards” for chore coupons. Thanks for listening!

Grab That Booty! – Firefly S01E03 – The Train Job

This week on Firefly Mal and the crew do one of those classic “train jobs” you hear so much about. I wish I could tell you some fun specifics, but we watch the show in kind of a weird way. All we know is that the moral grey of the job got a little too real and the crew is about to make some powerful enemies. More than we already have. Thanks for listening!

Ear Necklaces are Your Forte – Firefly S01E02 – Serenity Part 2

Hello and welcome to episode 2 of Firefly! Larry the Lawman is being a real jerk and gets tossed. Jane pushes the boundaries of him and Mal’s work/friend relationship, Book has a crisis of faith, and River wakes up in a strange metal box. Luckily, we have a great pilot who can fly this ship under duress, because we are definitely under duress. Thanks for listening!