S02E04 – Under Wraps – Inca Mummy Girl

This week, the gang sat down with Jay from the band Phantasm! Check them out at –


Jay was kind enough to give us some much needed insight into Incan fashion, and social norms. Turns out, mummies are cool and spooky, but their thirst for boy-blood can be a bit of a bummer during high school dances. Let’s see what kind of a “gentleman” Xander will be to our beautiful new monster.

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S02E01 – One Glass of Rosé Later… – When She Was Bad

We’re back! The Pop Culture Role Call gang is back and ready to dive headfirst into season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And boy, what a start. Buffy is working through some things, and no one is safe. We also find out that ice cream may be the key to a budding romance. Join us as Buffy exposes her (emotionally) killer moves, we witness a sharp rise of snarky tête-à-têtes, and we overcome the (vampire) skeletons of our past.

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