OB S05E02- Gleep Glorp – Clutch of Greed

Season 5 episode 2 is here! Sarah is scrambling to keep Kira out of Rachel’s grasp but the walls are closing in. All of the sistras are being trapped or manipulated in one way or another, except for maybe Helaina? We don’t quite know where she and Donnie are at the moment. On the bright side, Cosima has a cure in her body and is rubbing shoulders with the tip-top of the Neolution pecking order. Thanks for listening!

Fool Me Nine Times is My Kink – Orphan Black Season 4 Wrap-Up

It’s time for the season 4 wrap-up! Big thanks to all the fans who submitted questions for us to answer. Next week begins the fifth and maybe or maybe not final season of Orphan Black.

As a quick note: the most recent allegations against Joss Whedon came out between recording and releasing this episode. We fully support and stand with Charisma, Ray, Amber, Michelle, and all those who have joined them in sharing/empowering the truth of their experiences. We will have a chance to discuss it further in our next recording.
Thanks for listening.

OB S04E10 – Subs and Dubs – From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

Season 4 episode 10 has come and gone! It turns out, the show didn’t end so you got us for a couple more months, folks. Alison has a phone call and a gun. Cosima has the prospect of a cure dangled in front of her like a carrot on a stick only to be pulled away at the last second. Meanwhile, Sarah is on science island with a gun, an attitude, and a lack of regard for Rachel’s well-being. Thanks for listening!

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OB S04E09 – Mike’s Perfect Gift – The Mitigation of Competition

It’s season 4 episode 9 this week and character arcs are starting to wrap the heck up! Sarah and Art “help” Rachel and Ira track down one of Ev’s escaped trial subjects. Cosima is on a spooky science island making a baby. Meanwhile, Alison is having a crisis of faith, trying to find stability with her recently incarcerated husband. Thanks for listening!

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OB S04E07 – 98 Ways To Not Make A Lightbulb – The Antisocialism of Sex

It’s season 4 episode 7 and everyone is feeling pretty low. Sarah is on a bender after the Kendall travesty, trying to find comfort in her past. Alison is struggling to open up to Donnie, which gets even harder now that he is in “police custody”. Cosima is stopped mere seconds before making a medical mistake with the promise of Delphine details. Thanks for listening!

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