Episode 128 - 1/3 Zamboni - Gone

Season 6 Episode 11 gives us a little bit of a breather...if you consider threats from social services, accusations of relapse, and slowly disappearing from this earth light. At this point we're taking what we can get. Thanks for listening!

Episode 127 - The Gungan Door - Wrecked

Season 6 episode 10 is a hoot and a holler... We have already seen Willow struggle with her magical addiction (which is literal not figurative), but, it's time to explore rock bottom. Our enabler, Amy, takes us to meet her creepy connect and things just spiral so...so quickly. Thanks for listening!

Episode 126 - Slobbery Name - Smashed

Hey there Amy! Welcome to season 6 episode 9, it's good to see you again. Sorry about the whole "forgetting you were a rat which we definitely could have helped with" thing for a few seasons there. That's our bad. But, you are here now and that's what matters. You haven't missed much, things have been pretty quiet. A god here, a cyber-demon there, college. Normal stuff. Thanks for listening!

Episode 125 - My Landline's On Vibrate - Tabula Rasa

Season 6 episode 8! And now...for something a little different! This episode is on the longer side, but, there are also going to be 8 people talking into your ears. I'm not going to spoil Producer James's surprise but I will throw out a huge thank you to; Producer Meghan, Emily, Nicholas, and Jason! "What is happening here?!" you might be asking. Well, we hope you enjoy the listen!

Episode 124 - Sad Osmosis - Once More, With Feeling

Season 6 episode 7! Something tells me that you hardcore Buffy fans out there have been waiting for this one (jazz hands!). It's the musical episode and it was just as whimsical and emotionally destructive as one can expect from a special episode with a unique premise. Sweets, a lover of theater first and a demon second, has cursed(?) the Scooby Gang, making us belt out our deepest feelings and secrets through the majesty of song. Luckily, we are a close group of old friends with no secrets at all, right? Thanks for listening and for singing along!

Episode 123 - I'm Condescending - All the Way

Season 6 episode 6! Halloween is here again to bless us with sugar-fueled caricatures of our closest friends. The Magic Box has it's biggest day of sales since it's inception, despite Spike's penchant for nicking the merchandise. But a fat stack of cash isn't the only good news. Our very own Alexander Harris is betrothed! Who would've thunk it? Xander, married before anyone else in the Scooby Gang? The world is truly a magical place. Thanks for listening!

Episode 122 - Almost Got 'Im - Life Serial

Season 6 episode 5 and we are getting silly! Which one witchy woman finds to be a nice change in pace. But Buff seems to be struggling with it. I would normally try and use some fun words to describe serious stuff. But everything has an air of...absurdity? Buffy throwing back shots with Spike who is playing a seedy poker game with a motley crew of nasty baddies. Buffy being Groundhog Day'd in a first day of retail work. And the caricature of the devil is bopping around, harmlessly glitter bombing folks. Weird. Thanks for listening!