Episode 112 - Human-splain It - Tough Love

We are in the last stretch of season 5 and the stakes are really starting to ramp up (pun not intended)! Glory, like a predator stalking through the brush, is an ever-present danger, even when she isn't punching anyone. Tara experienced this first hand when the god reach into her head and mentally broke her. Luckily she survived, but will she ever be the same? Where do we go from here? Thanks for listening!

Episode 111 - Zero to Plowtown - Intervention

Half high jinks and half desert spirit quest, this episode has a little bit for everyone. While Buffy and Giles head out to learn their deep and introspective lessons from the fabled "first slayer", the rest of the Scooby Gang is being bamboozled by a sex-bot. But...why does that sex-bot look like Buffy? Thanks for listening!

Episode 110 - Angel OTP - Forever

Things aren't necessarily looking up in this episode of Buffy, but they aren't looking more down at least. Now that Joyce is buried, what next? Buffy still has to be the hero, she still needs to save the world. Can she be a mom, a sister, a friend, a student, and a slayer? Maybe the special, super surprise character can help us answer that one. Thanks for listening!

Episode 109 - Rest in Peace - The Body

So this is the episode everyone has been whispering about, huh? This is the "just wait" episode, huh? Well, this week the gang is reeling from loss and dealing with the aftermath that can only come about with the unexpected death of a loved one. Feel like a good chuckle or two? Might be a better idea to go re-watch Futurama or something instead. We will be here to talk about feelings when you're ready. Thanks for listening!

Episode 107 - Big Book of Vampires - Crush

It's season 5 episode 14 and Spike is dealing with a serious case of "late season character development". Our favorite bleeding heart romantic jumps a bit off the deep end this week, abducting Buffy and promising her an affectionate ritual sacrifice. But even with all of this heartwarming bloodshed, Buffy still doesn't return Spike's advances. Thanks for listening!

Episode 106 - Lie of Omission - Blood Ties

Welcome to season 5 episode 13, where lies abound and the truth hurts. Remember that little plot device of "Dawn showing up out of absolutely nowhere"? Turns out she isn't just a true-blue american teenager, she is also a key. An....energy key.. for a god? Or, something? That isn't all flushed out yet. What's important is that Buffy didn't jump the shark it just made a bold story choice. Thanks for listening!

Episode 104 - Why You Trippin'? - Triangle

Season 5 episode 11 is here and we are back to our classic, minor petty aggression. What a relief! Sure, Joyce is still sick and Taad is still gone and Glory is still out there summoning buff snakes. BUT, for 50 minutes we just need to worry about Willow and Anya bickering and maybe the occasional Troll breaking someones wrist. Easy peasy. Thanks for listening!

Episode 103 - Hospital Chic - Into the Woods

Dear Taad (Riley), your departing is such sweet.... relief. I'm not quite sure I understand though. I'm not quite sure I understand you. Big muscles and a condescending tone is what you brought to the table and the table was worse for it. Now you are gone. Leaving at midnight in a helicopter surrounded by a gaggle of other boring boys. You left a broken heart behind. I would wish you all the best, but honestly, I don't really care. Thanks for listening!