Episode 36 - #Hellnado - Becoming: Part 1

This week we are coming at you with part one of the season 2 finale! We get introduced to the third "Big Bad" plot...fourth? I'm losing track. Anyway, the gang finds a Technopagan floppy disk spell that might be key to re-cursing our buddy Angel. But should we? Could we? Come on in and find out!
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Episode 35 - Swim It Off Bro - Go Fish

Nothing new at Sunnydale this week, just another string of brutal teen murders. The highschool swim team seems to be the target, as a few of the boys end up as piles of skin. Undeterred, Xander goes undercover and Willow goes to knock some heads together. It's a veritable whodunit! Thanks for listening!
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Episode 34 - Spirits Begone Babadoo - I Only Have Eyes For You

This week the gang encounters a poltergeist wandering the halls of Sunnydale High, slamming Xander’s head into lockers and knocking over yearbooks. Unfortunately, this ghosty also has a penchant for gun violence and verbal/emotional abuse. This episode is a bit divisive, so let’s talk it out! Thanks for listening!
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Episode 32 - John Wick's Stake House - Passion

As the gang searches desperately for an effective unvitation spell (it's a word), they are forced to deal with the psychological torture of the demon Angelus. It starts off all fun and artistic, with nice charcoal sketches and some light fish murder, but things spiral from there.
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Episode 31 - Column A, Column Creed - Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Love is a powerful drug…and lust is a dangerous one! This week, Xander takes his normal boyish bad manners a bit to far, and ends up on the wrong end of an angry mob. Maybe it’s time for him to learn of those life lesson things? We shall see. Thanks for listening!
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Episode 28 - Monkey Watch 2017 - Surprise

This week we explore part one of the sultry two episode special! The Judge is here to bring about an apocalypse, and on Buffy’s birthday no less.. It’s almost as good as her other gifts: prophetic dreams of her love interest’s untimely death, and aggravated assault from a disembodied arm. Stick around until the very end for our first scene with musical accompaniment, trust us, it was necessary. Thanks for listening!

Episode 27 - Sex Eggucation - Bad Eggs

In this week's episode, we are jumping back into the drama-prone land of Sunnydale! It's sex-ed season for our High School crew, so let's partner up, grab an egg, and just hope against hope that there isn't a supernatural infestation. We really don't have time for that, not with Angel and Buffy about to take their relationship to the next level. Thanks for listening, we're excited to be back!