Episode 24 - Start Jamaican, End Irish - What's My Line? Part 2

This week on Pop Culture Role Call, we explore part two of this midseason special! We get to know Kendra a bit better, and the gang has some strong feelings about her “anti Angel” sentiments. Speaking of Angel, he is in a pretty rough spot in this arc. The big news though?! Willow and her new love interest (Collin is calling it) Oz make some big steps forward! Thanks for listening!

Episode 23 - You're a Loose Cannon Summers! - What's My Line? Part 1

In this week’s episode, a big ol' job fair graces Sunnydale High! Willow loves her future, pro-shrub, prospects, but Buffy is a little less excited by the whole thing. Maybe it’s because she is just a teenager, and maybe it has to do with the unstoppable legion of supernatural assassins after her life…who knows? But it’s definitely one of those two. Thanks for listening!

Episode 18 - Under Wraps - Inca Mummy Girl

This week, the gang sat down with Jay from the band Phantasm! Check them out at -


Jay was kind enough to give us some much needed insight into Incan fashion, and social norms. Turns out, mummies are cool and spooky, but their thirst for boy-blood can be a bit of a bummer during high school dances. Let’s see what kind of a “gentleman” Xander will be to our beautiful new monster.