Episode 15 - One Glass of Rosé Later... - When She Was Bad

We’re back! The Pop Culture Role Call gang is back and ready to dive headfirst into season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And boy, what a start. Buffy is working through some things, and no one is safe. We also find out that ice cream may be the key to a budding romance. Join us as Buffy exposes her (emotionally) killer moves, we witness a sharp rise of snarky tête-à-têtes, and we overcome the (vampire) skeletons of our past.

Episode 8 - Gone Catfishin'

In this weeks episode, the gang confronts the inherent dangers of online dating, especially when you are currently living on a Hellmouth. Come along and join us as we tackle techno-pagans, adults being flirty and gross, and demonic puppy love.