Episode 140 - Dunked on Shaq - Grave

Finale! And with this episode, season 6 is done. Darth Willow is still out there tearing up Sunnydale worse than Warren's skin. Can Giles even do anything to help out here? Did he even live through the episode?! Our questions are answered...just not all of them. Thanks for listening!

Episode 139 - Beep, Beep - Two to Go

It's season 6 episode 21, and Darth Willow is still doing the villain thing. But, everyone is having their dirty laundry hung out to dry at this point. Willow is just the most proactive about it all. If only Giles were around to help... *cough cough*. Thanks for listening!

Episode 132 - Keep What You Kill - Older and Far Away

Howdy! Welcome to season 6 episode 14, where we start to really explore the magical wonderland that is "teen angst". It's also Buffy's birthday epsiode, so, you know nothing good can really happen. Her party wasn't exactly a banger but for some reason nobody wants to leave...is Monopoly THAT fun? Or, is it something else? Thanks for listening!