Mike Richko - Xander

Mike was born and raised in Chicago, where he grew up learning to love many different facets of “Geek” culture.  A lover of film, television, comics, and hard-to-find Funko Pops, this film school graduate enjoys quality storytelling and unforgiving puns.

Anastasia DeMaio - Buffy

Anastasia (Stasia/Stas/Staj or any variation thereof) was born and raised in Chicago, where she honed her love of anime, video games, Disney princesses, and K-dramas. You can find her frequently binging on any of the above or hanging out with her dog Otacon. 


Collin McCord - Willow

Collin McCord is a simple Indiana boy, lost in the windy city. A lifetime missionary for the church of science fiction, he longs for the collapse of modern society, so he might take is rightful place in the skyline of Neo Tokyo. But in the meantime, he is content to just research insect ecology and quote Fifth Element whenever necessary.


James Thompson - Producer/Engineer (Occasional Giles)

James is the man behind the mic. He is the manipulator of both picture and sound. He edits the TV episodes and movies for our hosts to watch and then records the antics. He can also can be heard as the Watcher himself, Giles.