Episode 102 - Give It Some Space - Listening to Fear

Hello dear listeners! Another relatively split episode coming at you this week. The whole Summers family is still in the midst of dealing with the fact that Joyce has a brain tumor. Meanwhile, the rest of the Scooby gang is on some kind of X-Files inspired extraterrestrial romp in the woods. How is this all related to the anthropomorphic snake loving Big Bad lady? Not sure, but hopefully we find out soon. Thanks for listening!

Episode 101 - Hot Doctor - Shadow

Season 5 Episode 8 feels like the start of something sad... I can just feel it in my bones. Joyce (Buffy's mom) is in the hospital with a brain tumor and the big bad of the season is summoning buff snakes with a penchant for staring/screaming contests. How are we going to juggle the medical needs of a beloved family member and the horrifying presence of a snake summoning ancient evil? I just don't know, but we will figure it out together. Thanks for listening!

Episode 100 - Papa Bear Approved - Fool for Love

Season 5 Episode 7 is here for you and it's a doozy! This week, Xander and Willow take a back seat while Buffy and Spike work through a few personal/professional issues. To help us dig into the brain of our platinum haired wild-card we brought on special guest, Nick. It's an episode of clever imagery, flashbacks, and fashion. Thanks for listening!

Nick owns and operates the nerd paradise, Alleycat Comics in Chicago. Check them out at - www.alleycatcomics.com.

Episode 99 - Bigger Than Halo Friends - Family

This week we get the very first Tara focused episode which means we get the very first Tara guest! Madison, from the podcast The Equelizers, sat down with the Scooby gang to lend a soothing voice to our favorite wispy witchy woman. But is Tara more than meets the eye? Is she even human?! The blue-collar scumbags she calls family don't seem to think so. Thanks for listening.

Web: equelizers.podbean.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theequelizers/

Episode 98 - Please Orb Responsibly - No Place Like Home

Welcome to Season 5 episode 5 where we might just have met the big bad! Buffy has a run in with a woman in red. Her scarlet dress and whimsical disposition aside she definitely packs a punch, one that can crush stone pillars. But, we also have this orb. And if I know anything about orbs it's that they can't be trusted. Keep one eye on the women in red and one eye on this sketchy orb. Thanks for listening!

Episode 97 - Cis White Male - Out of My Mind

Oh.....oh Taad(Riley). It's been a rough couple of seasons for you and, man, I wish we cared more. If a potential heart attack can't bring about our sympathies and support then I just don't know what will. I would say "It's not you, it's us" but, let's be real. Spike tries to kill us on the reg and I'm pretty sure we would all throw you in front of a speeding car to save his skin. I'm not saying this to hurt you I'm saying it because you are being an ass.

Episode 96 - Blame it on Time Travel - The Replacement

Buffy is back this week! Season 5 episode 3 is a Xander episode, well, it's actually a Xanders episode, plural. The show walks some familiar ground with the "evil clone" schtick but it also tosses us a fun little curve ball by casting Nicholas Brendon's (Xander) identical twin brother Kelly Donovan as said "evil clone". It's a cool idea and it works really well! Thanks for listening.

Episode 95 - Movie Break - Green Room - Dogs Murdering Some Teens

Happy Wednesday everyone! Stasia is still out on an archeological dig contributing to the relentless pursuit of knowledge, so this is officially week one of our multi-week break from Buffy. For this special episode Mike, Brian, and Collin dive into the pit of filth and hate that is "Green Room"! Punk music, killer dogs, heroin, and Nazi's getting their comeuppance. What a treat. Thanks for listening!

Episode 94 - Sister Sister - Real Me

Howdy! It's the second episode of season 5 and some big ch-ch-ch-changes are already rolling into our lives. On the big/good changes side of things, Giles bought a magic store from a mysteriously murdered old friend! On the big/weird side of things though, Buffy has a new sister who has a crush on Xander... Did Buffy jump the shark or is this season going to get weird? Both? Thanks for listening!

Episode 93 - Drippin' Swagu - Buffy vs. Dracula

With season 4 in the rear-view mirror and season 5 stretching out in front of us, the gang dives back into the world of Buffy! And, who better to welcome us back to the vamp stabbing and the demon kicking than Count "The Dark Prince" Dracula himself? How exciting, we finally made it to the A-list. Thanks for listening!